Using HP Print and Scan Doctor To Detect and repair scanning issues, troubleshoot error message and or all of the following problems.

  • A problems happened to interact with the scanner.
  • A questions took place while interacting with the HP imaging equipment.
  • Computer not located.
  • Computer not Detected..
  • Scan to computer is presently not available.
  • Scan to computer never triggered.
  • Scan not successful.
  • Scanning device not identified.
  • The scanner can not be reach.
  • The scanner might not be activated.

Just Follow the Guidelines listed below to solve scanning issues by using the HP Scan Doctor

  1. Download And Install the HP Print and Scan Doctor.
  2. Run HPPSdr.exe from the download area on your computer.
  3. As Soon As HP Print and Scan Doctor is open, hit the start button, and after that, select your printer.
  4. In case your printer is not noted, try to switch it on and click Retry.
  5. If there is a connectivity issue, follow the guidelines show within the tool.
  6. Click On Fix Scanning button.

Download HP Print and Scan Doctor

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